Friday, April 18, 2008

The Story of BugEater

Once long ago there was a girl who had a little cousin and took care of him almost every day because his favorite place to be was at his aunt and uncle's house.
The girls little cousin loved to read books. One of his books was about eating and manners, basically asking, "Do you like to eat _______?" and replying, "Yes/No I do/do not like to eat _____."
Well one day the girl noticed that her cousins hands were dirty and even after making him wash his hands he still had crud under his fingernails. Well when the girl attempted to clean the kids fingernails he wouldn't let her touch them. She told him that he has to let her clean the bugs out from underneath his nails and at that the boy looked up at her w/ a smile on his face and asked, although knowing the answer would be no, "Do you wike to eat bugs?"
And that my readers, is how BugEater came to be. Thank you and good day.

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the jewelry :ninja! said...

hey, that's a cute story!