Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This happened to my good friend. PLEASE be careful!!!

This is so scary. It happened to my good friend and this is not a joke. She has given me permission to put her post on my blog to help warn others out there.

We had a big scare on Thursday night.
We were awakened at midnight by a woman who was at our front door.
She said her name was Tiffiny, a street girl and she was scared. DH said to stay there & he'd call the police. She kept saying to open the door. DH told me to check the kids & make sure they didn't wake up.

When I went to their room, I could hear men talking !
They were in the back of the house.
DH told the police the girl was not alone.
So she is knocking on the front, now there was knocking on the back door too !! We could hear the police helicopter,
Our motion lights started going on. When the police came,
the people were gone. They did catch a girl & some guys on the next street. There wasn't any police reports.
We couldn't give a description.
We found out on Friday that someone was rattling doors on some neighbors houses before they came to our house. Checking to see if any were unlocked.

Thankfully we didn't open the door.
Who knows what they had in mind.

I was so damn scared. When I heard those guys talking
by the kids room, I almost flipped out !!

My kids bunk bed is right against the window.
I grabbed the kids & put them on the floor in my room.

I later told DH that the reason I didn't look out the windows, was because I was scared that they would shoot if they saw anyone look out the windows.

This weekend, DH hooked the cameras up again.
We have 3 cameras that he hooked up when he started traveling
1 shows the front door & garage, the other the back door, the 3rd the driveway.

If this ever happens to you,

Not even if you hear a baby cry or a kids voice.
That's how they get you to open your door.


katrinna louise said...

Oh my gosh! I've heard of this scam/targeting happening. I actually had an email sent around to warn women about this. I can't imagine what I would do! I'm glad I have my dogs, and I'm so glad you were all ok!!

Hi, this is The Real BugEater. said...

yeah, i remember the forward. this just proves it!
i'm so worried about her because her dh often travels for his job.

PussDaddy said...



soapdeli said...

Yikes. That's really terrifying. Sorry you had to go through this, and thanks for the warning.

Meekiyu said...

I heard of this too.. man the things people do these days. =/

Pegasus Handmade Soaps / 4Keep Sakes said...

OH my how scary is that. Thank goodness you didn't open that door. Those guys could have been in the bushes waiting for you to open the door. So glad we can protect ourselves in situations like this.